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  • February 03, 2022

    At Precision People, we are diverse. Our talents are multi-faceted, our record of success is remarkable, and our goal is to help you recruit the best people for your team. Given our 18 years of experience as a highly successful and always innovative engineering recruitment agency, we have learned which mistakes are often made and how they can be avoided. All About You While there are plenty of jobhunters searching for employment at any one time, it can be tempting to let hubris take over and let only a short job description get approval for the many job sites online. While the hiring process can be costly and time-consuming, it is also vital. What also bears crucial importance is how much you see from the potential candidate’s perspective. A well-written job advert will be detailed and appeal to the skilled engineer’s way of thinking. A Lack of Detail To attract the right calibre of engineers, you need to ensure you convey your company as exciting, challenging and filled with opportunities for progression. An engineer tends to be goal-oriented and focused on the future, so if your job description is short and lacks depth, the ambitious engineer full of initiative will simply seek out another company. Disguising Benefits Some companies think being shrewd about the benefits you can offer will attract people with a better work ethic, or they want to test potential candidates. However, with the skills gap still prevalent in the UK job market today, employers cannot afford to play puppeteer with potential employees. Contrary to popular belief, a talented engineer would be more likely to pursue an opportunity with you if you have competitive benefits and convey them openly because they know they are in-demand. If you don’t offer what they are looking for, they will simply look elsewhere. If you would like to streamline the hiring process and benefit from expert outsider help, please contact our team today. 

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  • March 25, 2022

    Recruitment must not be a stab in the dark - a planned strategy based on your goals and vision for the future is a must. There are also many ways in which we can help you that we could detail here, but firstly it is crucial to realise all the tried and tests methods used by mechanical engineering recruitment agencies like us can only be as effective as your ability to keep your current employees happy. If you have a motivated workforce who speak highly of your company and enjoy benefits, top talent is more likely to be responsive to the methods we can use to attract them. Let’s explore some ways you can give yourself a head-start. Satisfied Employees Ensure your current employees are working in an atmosphere of enthusiasm and motivation. Most employers fail to realise that while you can check the references of a potential candidate to scope out what working with them could be like, these potential employees can also do the same. Many websites have review facilities in which current and past employees can provide ratings on everything from culture to pay and whether they recommend working there. When you put employee engagement strategies in place to recognise and reward your workforce, you foster a sense of good-feeling that will reflect well upon your reputation. Assessing Your Recruitment Process The recruitment process refers to the time span between placing a job advert and the new employees’ first day on the job. When you hired your current employee who is moving onto new ventures, did you correctly assess what you needed from that employee when you hired them? As one of the leading mechanical engineering recruitment agencies in the UK, we have the experience to know that some companies can assume they need X set of skills when they really need Y. Especially in a specialist field. It is for the reason you must be continually seeking to improve the procedures within your organisation and that includes a hiring plan. Our team can help you by carrying out a diagnostic review, getting to know your organisation and devising a bespoke plan tailored to your goals. Simply enquire with the team today to benefit from the expertise of one of the most valued mechanical engineering recruitment agencies in the UK.

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