Engineering Recruitment - Don't Make These Hiring Mistakes

The process of engineering recruitment requires time and attention. It isn’t straightforward in any sector, but the engineering sector requires a specialist approach that can take up a lot of time and energy. As such, it could be easy to give in when you think you have found the first compatible person for the role without paying attention to red flags, and you might not even know this is what you are doing. That’s why expert recruitment help can be so useful – you have an objective third party to help you with all aspects of the process, including providing interview training and managed services.


A Two-Way Street

One of the main reasons you should be looking for red flags in engineering recruitment is that potential employees will be vetting you in the same way. Often, when a vacancy becomes available, companies can be in a hurry to hire and this can affect their judgement.


What Are They Asking?

Pay attention to the contents of the questions a potential candidate asks when you defer to them for the portion of the interview where they get to question you. It is likely some of them will have researched what to say from clickbait articles titled ‘The Number 1 Question To Ask In Your Next Interview’ and these will feel rehearsed. Doing this conveys a level of preparation that reflects well on them, but the number of questions they ask doesn’t always convey a positive message. If they are asking you about the benefits they get without wondering how they can be of use to you, it shows their self-focused mindset. In engineering recruitment especially, you need somebody who is motivated by the wider project and has a higher degree of conscientiousness.


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2nd March