Legal Recruitment

Legal Recruitment


Are you looking for in-house legal talent for your tech business? We can help. Precision Legal is a dynamic talent management and executive search agency that provides an integral link between tech businesses and high-performing in-house legal candidates.

Recruiting the right talent is an essential ingredient for any successful technology business. You might have world-class product-market fit and strategy, but a failure to secure the right people to execute the plan will dramatically reduce the chances of success.

In-house lawyers are no exception, they are a pivotal asset of any tech business. Among other things, they are a vital cog in the sales machine. This becomes especially important for securing game-changing sales contracts. In those scenarios, your lawyers become indispensable for demonstrating credibility and accurately capturing the commercial arrangement (such as the all-important recurring revenue!).


B2B SaaS and Software platforms

IT Services

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software platforms

Unified commerce software platforms

Unified & integrated communications software platforms

Telecoms software platforms

CLM (Contract Lifecycle Management) software platforms

Legal tech solutions

Revenue lifecycle management software platforms

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