What to Look for in a Lift Engineer

When it comes to lift and escalator recruitment, you need to hone your recruitment style to the specific sector of engineering you are recruiting for as not all engineers are created equal. Asides from check their qualifications and asking the receptionist their impression of the candidate, there are other tips and tricks you can use to ensure your new lift and/or escalator engineer is going to perform well.

A Conscientious Nature

A lift engineer carries out a very important job when it comes to responding to emergency calls. Lifts are often featured highly on surveys of which kinds of phobias most people have because the lift engineer is the only person who knows what happens behind the proverbial scenes. That’s why good social skills are a top-rated skill for any prospective lift engineer to have. Pay attention to how well they understand the human impact of the work they do, how conscientious and self-aware they appear and finally, their ability to display empathy.

A Methodical Approach

While all engineers are likely to share a pool of soft skills such as being a ‘natural problem-solver’ and having great attention to detail, a lift engineer works within a very specific environment. Assess their disposition, how logically they tell a story without interruption and examine their job history to see if they display a genuine interest in wanting to continue within this field. Often, our instincts can tell us a lot about a person and whether they see a long-term future in their chosen career and looking for this trait helps to hone that instinct.

If you want additional support regarding interview tips or you are pressed for time, working with a lift and engineer recruitment agency can help you to get the right people in front of you.

If you would like to work with specialists in order to ensure you’re using your ability to examine a person’s qualities effectively regarding lift and engineer recruitment, get in touch with our team of recruitment team today.

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5th August