Temp vs Contract Recruitment

Understanding the subtle differences between employment arrangements when recruiting is vital for both businesses and job seekers. Two terms that often cause confusion and falsely get used interchangeably are temporary (temp) and contract recruitment. Though they may seem similar on the surface, they address distinct needs within the workforce. Here at Precision People, we can help find the perfect candidate for both temp and contract roles.

Temporary Recruitment
Temp recruitment focuses on filling short-term gaps within your workforce. This could involve covering for staff on leave, managing seasonal peaks in trade, or tackling unexpected workload surges. Temp positions are typically short, and usually last anywhere from a few days to several months. The strength in using temporary recruitment lies in flexibility. It allows businesses to adapt quickly to changing demands without having to take on long-term commitments. For employees, temp roles offer a chance to gain diverse experiences across industries without the long term commitment, potentially leading to permanent opportunity.

Contract Recruitment
Contract recruitment meanwhile involves hiring individuals for a set period outlined in a contract. These contracts can last anywhere from several months to a few years, all depending on the project's size, length, and complexity. Contract roles are common in industries like sales, engineering, and technical industries, where specific skill sets are needed to complete a project within a defined timeframe. Contractors usually consist of highly skilled professionals who bring specialised expertise to the table. They're brought in to achieve specific outcomes and are often compensated at a higher rate than permanent employees due to their specialised skills and the temporary nature of their engagement.

Key Differences
The main distinction between temp and contract recruitment lies in the nature of the engagement and expectations. Temporary workers are often sourced for immediate, short-term tasks with minimal long-term commitment from either party. However, contractors are brought on board with a clear understanding of the project's requirements and deliverables, creating a more structured and defined working relationship.

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8th May