Skills to Look for in Electrical Engineers

Electrical engineering recruitment is complex and critical. The right choice must be made, corresponding qualifications must be proven and crucially, the role must be filled. While you will have lots of notes in mental and physical form to refer to, here are some soft and hard skills to bear in mind as you aim to make your hiring decision.


Critical Thinking

The candidates need to demonstrate the ability to think critically. This will become evident in their previous work anecdotes as well as by the way they answer other questions. Are they speaking in absolute terms with little nuance in their descriptions? Are they effectively describing the problems they spotted and the possible solutions they came up with? The ability to be precise and analytical is important.



This introduces the next skill nicely. It is of little value to be able to spot how to solve issues if you can’t effectively communicate your ideas. A strong communicator has the potential to excel in their career and demonstrates intelligence.


Lateral Thinking

Often thought of in juxtaposition to critical thinking skills, the ability to be creative is actually an integral part of being an electrical engineer. To be able to envision a future not yet created is to engineer that future. That’s why lateral and logical thinking must be hand in hand.


There are many more attributes to look for when conducting the electrical engineering recruitment process, some of which we have covered previously. However, our services are vast and specialist, ranging from helping you with a hiring plan to providing interview training and beyond. Get in touch with our team of top recruitment experts today.

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26th June