How to Motivate Your Team Returning to Work

After furlough and working from home for extended periods, many employees may be unmotivated to return to the office after such a difficult year. While we’re all in unchartered waters at the moment, motivation has always been key in boosting productivity, enhancing employee wellbeing and the smooth continuation of business and so motivating staff as they start to return is a top priority. As one of the best recruitment companies in Leicester, we’ve used our specialist knowledge to put together some tips on how to best achieve this.

Be Flexible
With the COVID-19 pandemic causing such unrest for such a long period of time in the UK, people have established new patterns of behaviours both personally and professionally. By balancing home and work life many have developed a more flexible working day and going straight back into the 9-5 world may not be entirely suitable for everyone, especially those who may have isolating family members or children to consider. As an employee, it is important to be flexible and accommodate these struggling team members where possible.

Brush Up
Some employees may have had their formal training cut short or their qualifications suspended and maybe feeling a little behind. As soon as these can be continued, they should be, to get employees up to speed and make true on commitments to improve their CV. Additionally, it may be necessary to go over previous training and ensure everyone is familiar with what is expected of them.

Be clear! As recruitment companies in Leicester know all too well, the communication paths between staff and managers have been disrupted by the pandemic and now with face-to-face interactions able to take place, it’s important to establish connections and ensure that staff feel that they can openly discuss things with you and each other.

Another way to gauge how your staff are feeling is to carry out a staff engagement survey - if you're not to sure how to go about this - we would be only to happy to help you  - please call us on 0116 254 5411 for a chat.

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11th May