Find the Right Midlands Recruiter for You

What do you do when your company is based in the midlands and you are thinking of hiring recruitment help from one of the recruitment agencies in Leicester? Especially if you have past experience you are hoping to learn from, you might be hoping to change your approach. Here are some handy tips from getting the right talent in front of you on the interview chair and ultimately hiring the best candidate for the role.

Specialist Help

If you have been bitten before by recruitment companies in Leicester who have seen you as just another number on their goal sheet, you might be wondering how you can avoid making the same mistake in the future. Look for evidence of a specialist recruitment team: for example, is there a designated ‘head of technical’? Similarly, are they transparent about the experience people in different recruitment sectors within their company have? If not, you could get trapped by a company claiming they have recruiters with specialist knowledge when they are in fact generalists. While you will need to give away lots of information about who your company are at heart, what you do and why you need to recruit for the role, it also helps to do some direct data mining about your recruitment company too.

Follow a Scientific Method

Background research is step one. Someone with a shrewd eye for detail and a sharp mind should conduct some research into the recruitment agencies in the midlands who might be able to help. The next step is to contrast the information divulged to you with the information you have found with what is relayed to you during an initial conversation to check for any differences. You wouldn’t hire a candidate without properly vetting them, so you should use the same scientific method when it comes to working with a recruitment agency.

In The Spotlight: Precision People

Precision People is a specialist recruitment consultants. Since 2004 we have been putting the right people in the right roles thanks to a mix of passion, experience and integrity. We are one of the leading engineering recruitment companies in Leicester and the rest of the UK because of our bespoke approach to recruitment. Our recruiters build an honest relationship with you where we listen to what you want from our services, advise you on the areas in which you could grow further and provide you with pools of top talent to streamline sourcing candidates for the interview process. We specialise in recruiting for a range of fields, from technical sectors to sales recruitment and beyond, in all levels of seniority.

Trust your Gut

As with many situations in life, listening to your inner voice and intuition will serve you well. Modern websites, client testimonials and all-around promises are all good indicators of a productive future experience, but ultimately, you should listen to your gut.

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23rd March