Recruiting Top Maintenance Workers

Maintenance roles require a skilled workforce, to ensure quality, safety, and efficiency. However, more than just a person’s technical knowledge Is important to consider when hiring. Here at Precision People, we can help you find the ideal candidate for your maintenance vacancy. In this blog post, we’re going through some of the key aspects to consider when recruiting for maintenance roles.

Maintenance roles demand a strong foundation in relevant skills and experience. Certifications and a proven track record working with specific equipment and technologies are crucial. However, the industry is constantly evolving.  The ability to adapt and learn new things is equally important to ensure your team can keep pace with advancements.

Maintenance work demands both safety and meticulousness. Candidates must showcase that they prioritise safety protocols and demonstrate a proactive approach to preventing accidents. Previous safety training and a strong understanding of regulations are positive indicators of this. Candidates should demonstrate a proven ability to produce consistent, high-quality work, ensuring the smooth operation. Consider requesting a work portfolio or contacting past employers for references.

Successful maintenance goes beyond technical skills. Effective communication, both written and verbal, is essential for clear collaboration and problem-solving within the team. Utilise behavioural interview questions and situational assessments to gauge a candidate's ability to work effectively with others. Dynamic environments require critical thinking and the ability to develop solutions quickly under pressure.  Scenario-based interview questions can help assess this crucial adaptability

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8th May