Tips for an Effective Employee Assessment

Since the start of the pandemic, employee assessments have slipped across the board, with many companies being unable to monitor performance remotely. However, they are still an important part of the recruitment journey, no matter how long the individual has been employed with the company and with many now returning to work, it’s important to reflect and push forward with these performance reviews. We’ve put together some tips for effective employee assessments below.

Tip 1 Reflect

It might be hard to envision all of the active projects or roles a person has played during the pandemic, particularly if they have been working from home for a long period of time, so an employee assessment opens up the opportunity to reflect. Ask them what they feel they achieved in the last year, what their most significant project has been and how they have felt dealing with these unprecedented times. This can help you both to create a better understanding of where they currently stand.

Tip 2 Do It Face to Face

Carry out employee assessments face to face where possible, as this allows for clear communication between both parties and allows for more honest discussions. It is important to remember though, that interaction may have been very minimal for employees and so don’t put too much pressure on them right away, as they are likely more nervous than they would usually be.

Tip 3 Be Honest

Nobody likes to be the bearer of bad news, but if an employee is underperforming or needs to improve, it is important to get this across to them. Be sensitive in your words and lead with how they can do better, rather than how they may have been lacking. This approach will give them the resources they need to progress, without forcing them to dwell on any negativity.

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7th May