Why Engineering Recruitment Specialists?

We all have that one relative with a job we simply don’t understand. No matter how many times they explain their title and job duties to us, our minds seem to glaze over as we receive the answer because it just refuses to compute. If you get the sense this is happening along your recruitment journey, you need to speak to our experienced engineering recruitment team so we can translate for you. We do more than just nod along with specialist industry talk – we speak it ourselves thanks to successfully placing the right candidates in available roles for over 18 years.

Understanding your Industry

The number one reason why you save time working for us – we understand the sector we are placing in. Other agencies in the past may have requested additional information or been unable to read between the lines due to feigning an understanding of what a specific engineer is hired to do, but not our team at Precision. We are industry experts. Based in the midlands, where manufacturing has always meant big business, we understand the engineering sector.

Saving Time

There is only so much a job advert can do in the written word. It’s with the finesse of an experienced recruiter that the prospect comes alive for the applicant, with time spent conveying the highpoints and benefits of the role to the most sought-after candidate. Naturally, this part of the process takes time and it’s this crucial part of any business our engineering recruitment team can save you without compromising the quality of your new hire. This is simply not possible otherwise.

Get in touch with our team engineering recruitment experts today to streamline the hiring process and find the right candidate for the sector you are in.

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7th December