How to Improve Your Technical Recruitment

Improving a business’s technical recruitment process is key to ensuring the hire of top-quality candidates, see how this can be achieved.

For a long time, technical recruitment clients measured their employment success based solely on the number of candidates that turned into hires, but as the old saying goes, quantity doesn’t always mean quality. However, over the past 5 years, technical recruitment has become more sophisticated and clients have more insights that help them to understand their candidate pool, measure engagement at each stage of the hiring process and most importantly, retain top talent – so how is this achieved?

Define Your Ideals

The first way to improve your technical recruitment process is to identify and understand your ideal candidate. Consider your most recent hires in the sector and assess what made you hire them – was it their grasp of several programming languages? Or the type of projects they worked on in their previous role? How quickly did they learn once on the job? By identifying the key ‘pros’ of past hires, businesses can form a profile, which allows their recruiters to better vet any future candidates and their qualifications.

Identify Areas that Don’t Indicate Success

A commonly made mistake by firms looking for technical recruitment is never identifying areas of the job description that don’t indicate future success in practice. At one time, employers often thought that GCSE’s and A-Level grades earmarked candidates skill levels, but these days employers are keener on work experience and real-world applications. Sit down with managers and identify what your job listing says compared with actual hires, which will aid recruiters in the development of the job description, ensuring only candidates with the necessary criteria are processed.

Forecast for the Future

Businesses should always be prepared to recruit technical staff, even if there are currently no available openings. It’s good practice to assess the years gone by and identify recruiting trends and test whether or not they are likely to repeat themselves. This allows the business to be prepared for recruitment spike’s and won’t leave them flat-footed when the time comes to grow the team.

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15th January