Sat at my desk making a hundred phone calls a day would be my idea of hell!

I must be honest, Recruitment never appealed to me, my background is Events Management, infact when I decided that I wanted a change in career, I was offered a job in recruitment (not at Precision) and immediately I turned it down. My impression of recruitment was sat at a desk making 100+ outbound calls to people who really didn't want to talk to recruiters! My idea of hell!!!


I had my own opinions on recruitment companies, part of my duties as an Events Manager was in house recruitment, so I knew too well how annoying and unprofessional some recruiters can be.

However one day in early 2014 I answered my phone to Nat, I had, had some dealings with Nat in my previous job and knew what a great professional recruiter she was. She was always very honest which in my eyes is something a good recruiter should always be.

 After my initial conversation with Nat I thought I owed it to her and myself to at least go and have a conversation with the Directors. This was one of the best decisions I ever made. They were honest and open with me, they told me from the start that it wouldn't be an easy ride and it hasn't been in places. However due to the in-depth training and help from colleagues and management alike I can now honestly say I LOVE MY JOB.

Yes there are fantastic financial rewards working for Precision People, but for me one of the most rewarding things about this job is helping others to achieve their full potential or get back into work.

I never thought that my Events Management skills could be transferable to recruiting however I have learnt that in this highly focused customer environment my skills benefit both candidates and clients alike.

I would strongly advise anybody to at least take the time to come in and have a chat with the Directors, I am living testimony to that.

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29th June