2 Interview Questions for Electrical Engineering Recruitment

If you are getting to the stage in your electrical engineering recruitment journey where you have followed the proper procedures, have quality candidates coming in for the infamous ‘chat’ and want to proceed with confidence, here are some potential interview questions.


Which part of the work we do attracted you to us as a company?

Every seasoned candidate should know the importance of researching the company you are interviewing for before the big day. A genuinely interested candidate will research your upcoming projects and your overall mission because they want to contribute to your success. Sincere interest is easy to spot when you ask these types of questions because while some people are not fond of interviews so get slightly nervous, the uninterested will stand out. Short answers that feel forced are not a good sign and to state the obvious, having no idea of what your goals are is an even bigger red flag.


How have you handled a difference of opinion in the past?

This question forces your candidate to think beyond the theoretical and showcase a concrete example. Since electrical engineers must be able to work well in a team, strong interpersonal skills are a must. The way they answer will demonstrate their emotional intelligence – if they can demonstrate empathy for another person’s point of view, you can be sure they are not trying to falsely present as being congenial. Respect for the authority figures in positions of power is also an aspect to look out for because you want confident and self-assured engineers on your team, but they must be willing to listen and not let their ego rule. Also, look out for a clear statement of how they resolved the situation.

At Precision, interview training is available to give you clear advice on which questions you are allowed to ask and more. Enquire with the team today if you have any questions or you want to talk through your goals with one of our team.

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9th April