5 Benefits of Hiring Technical Contractors in 2020.

Have you got your growth strategy in place for 2020? Or are you waiting to see how Brexit develops, as a number of our clients have said they are.

Whatever your decision, one way to keep your business fulfilling orders and keeping yrou customers happy is the use of independent technical contractors, can provide many benefits and it’s not just that they bring the talent you need for a project without becoming a permanent employee.

Many employers have different expectations of an independent contractor’s role and what they bring to a business.

Technical contractors are a useful solution for employers, looking to successfully navigate periods of change, especially in these uncertain times faced by businesses.

You may have a big project coming up for which you’ll require an extra pair of hands, but not be able to commit hiring a permanent employee. Understanding this, and then revising your job specifications around your requirements and expectations is key.

Here are five benefits to bringing an independent professional on-board:

Considerable Financial Benefits 

Independent contractors are a temporary solution and do not require an annual salary, as well as the other associated costs of taking on a permanent employee. You will also not need to invest in paid learning and development for them, as they will only benefit your business for a limited period.

Shorter Onboarding Process

Traditionally, the onboarding process for contract employees is a lot quicker than for permanent employees. When hiring long-term employees, you have to consider personality and cultural fit whereas for independent contractors, you only need to hire for technical skills. 


One of the most widely acknowledged benefits of hiring independent contractors is that they are flexible. Independent contractors allow you to respond to business and market needs, as they arise. They are also often used to working for different personalities, in different locations, for varied of periods of time. 

Immediate Impact

As they are only joining for a limited period of time, they should know that they need to make an immediate impact. You will also not have to spend time familiarizing them with the work environment, introducing them to every staff member and training them!

Highly Skilled, Niche Experience

Independent contractors have a highly specialised skillset and are accustomed to working on niche projects. Utilising these skills on your team can really help to drive your business forward.

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10th January