Hiring Competitive Engineering Staff

Engineering recruitment can be highly competitive, so businesses need onboarding processes to match. Our recruiters have some tips for ensuring your engineering firm is up to date.

Engineering is an extremely competitive discipline and most engineering recruitment candidates are overwhelmed with applicants for each new role they offer. Selecting the ideal person for the job might seem straight forward with such a big pool from which to select them, but employers shouldn’t treat it as an easy task. The talent hired can make or break a project and businesses looking for continual growth need to know what gives them a competitive edge in landing the best candidates.

Don’t Put Too Much Emphasis on Schooling

When undertaking engineering recruitment, many companies scan CV’s and place those with red brick university education at the top of the pile, and although there is no denying these schools churn out top talent, there are other great indicators of a good engineer. In fact, some of the most well-known engineers attended less prestigious institutions, while some have no higher education at all! In interviews, ensure to ask about experience and problem-solving skills, over degree classification to hone in on the traits that are important to the role.


Pair Them Up

Engineers have a bit of a bad rap for being elusive lone wolves when in actual fact most projects rely heavily on teamwork and collaboration between design, structural and civil engineers. Identifying candidates who work well together is a key part of the engineering recruitment process so business should try to pair them up to work together on a task. Have one observe and one carry out a task, with them swapping throughout, to identify candidates who are open to criticism and eager to collaborate.

Work with a Recruiter

Partnering with an engineering recruitment business like Precision People can save businesses time and money when hiring staff. With the help of our experts and their up to date knowledge of hiring trends, we can ensure that we work together to find the ideal candidate for your unique needs. 

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15th January