Why Select Contract Recruitment?

Ideal for companies working on short-term projects, contract recruitment is also a flexible solution to workforce shortages. When searching for skilled, experienced and referenced contractors to fill specialist roles, it pays to use recruitment experts with a large pool of available candidates. Our team of contract recruitment consultants at Precision People are here to solve issues in finding the best engineering and technical contractors, with their in-depth knowledge of the contract market across a wide range of disciplines.


Contract vs Permanent Recruitment

Advantageous for companies with a short term project to fulfil, contract recruitment is also a great solution for specialist positions which are difficult to recruit for. When compared to recruiting for permanent positions, contractors are ideal in their ability to handle short periods of intense work volume. For employers needing to fulfil a highly technical role in a short time frame, it is best to speak to our contract recruitment experts here at Precision.


Large Pool of Specialist Candidates

Even for industry experts, finding the right contractors to fulfil your needs can be extremely difficult. This is where our team of contract recruitment specialists come in. With our position as a leading recruitment agency across the Midlands and the UK, we have a large pool of experienced and skilled candidates ready to select from. Whether you require a single contractor or a complete team, we can provide access to talented specialists from a wide range of engineering and technical fields, including manufacturing and fabrication.


Contract Recruitment Consultants

If you’re ready to start your recruitment search for skilled contractors, speak to our team at Precision today. Our vast engineering contractor database covers the whole of the UK, and includes our fast re-active services for repeat clients.

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4th April