Overcoming Job Offer Rejections as an Employer

With the current competitive job market, attracting and retaining top talent has become a challenge for many employers. Here at Precision People, our recruitment experts researched this issue and asked 52 candidates who had been offered jobs but had turned them down, the reasons behind their rejection. In this blog we’ll delve into these reasons and also highlight ways employers can combat this issue.

Our research concluded that the top 4 reasons for rejection with our candidates was the following:

1. Non-Competitive Salary and Benefits - One of the primary reasons candidates declined offers was the perception that the salary and benefits package isn't competitive within the industry. Insufficient compensation can deter candidates, especially if they receive more attractive offers elsewhere.

2. Lack of Training and Career Path - Candidates are drawn to companies that invest in their professional growth. If the offered job lacks a clear path for advancement and comprehensive training opportunities, candidates may opt for opportunities that provide a more promising career path.

3. Unappealing Nature of the Work - Candidates prioritise roles that align with their skills, interests, and aspirations. Job offers that don't match their career aspirations or involve mundane tasks that don't challenge them can cause rejection.

4. Unsuitable Working Environment and Conditions - When working environment and conditions don't align with their preferences, candidates often seek workplaces that offer the right balance between collaboration and autonomy, along with a positive and inclusive company culture. If the environment doesn't resonate with their expectations, candidates might opt for other opportunities.

After acknowledging these findings, we can use this information to figure out solutions to help employers improve their recruitment process.

To combat candidate rejections, consider implementing the solutions such as the. Utilise salary surveys and platforms like Glassdoor to ensure your wage package is competitive, complemented by further perks when possible. Create an engaging Employee Value Proposition (EVP) that articulates your culture, values, working environment (including your work-from-home policy), career paths, and training initiatives. Place emphasis on showcasing this pivotal EVP information on your website's "Join Us" page. Dedicate resources to leverage social media, conveying an authentic glimpse into your organisation's work environment. Ensure that any advertisements, be it from your company or agencies, incorporate snippets of this compelling EVP information. Prioritise the establishment and implementation of a robust training and development program. Avoid a one-size-fits-all approach regarding work locations, recognising individual preferences and needs.

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1st August