Refresh your Recruitment with Interview Training

If you need to hire a new employee for a maintenance position but have had poor luck with staff retention or not finding the right fit previously, it could be time to bring interview training into your maintenance recruitment strategy. The right strategy is make or break when it comes to recruiting new hires as you need to ensure you are adopting a different approach to the methods that have proofed less than 100% effective previously.

Naturally, there will be several parts to the maintenance recruitment process that work already and you feel comfortable with. For example, you could excel at assessing CVs against your checklist, but if your interview questions are too generic and not specific to the skills you want to recruit, you could fall short of getting the right hire at one of the most crucial stages of the process. This is why working with a reputable recruitment agency to learn first-rate interview training will help your business grow and give you maintenance recruitment skills you can use thereafter.

The types of areas covered by interview training include CV scoring methods, HR do’s and don’ts, shortlisting, engagement, arranging face to face or phone interviews and candidate packs containing employee case studies. Perhaps you have been stung by dishonest references previously but only realised in retrospect the discrepancy in the reference – make sure this never happens again!

If you do decide to opt for interview training, you will receive an individually tailored training plan tailored to the goals of your business. Additional support and feedback on your progress is also available from our seasoned experts in maintenance recruitment.

If you would like more help with maintenance recruitment, please get in touch with our team of top recruitment professionals today.

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1st August