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"I chose Precision because of their values"

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February 04, 2020

At the end of last year, Harriet Potter started in Precision’s Academy. Harriet has gone from strength to strength and has made a flying start to her career in recruitment.

In this feature, she offers her perspective on her first few months with the company, as well as giving an insight into what she wished she knew before applying for a job at Precision People.

About me 

"Since I was young I’ve always been very sporty. I love football and I used to play for Leicester City Ladies team which was an amazing experience. Because of this, I’d consider myself quite a competitive person - something that I believe is really important in recruitment. Initially, I wanted to work in the sports industry but realised that there were so few jobs and none of them seemed like they were a good fit for me.

In the end, I started working in retail. I really enjoyed it at first as I’ve always considered myself a people person. I was promoted quite soon after starting there and was recognised as manager of the month which is something that I’m very proud of. After a couple of years working there, I came to the conclusion that it wasn’t very challenging and my competitive edge wasn’t being utilised enough. I’d heard about recruitment from a few friends and  decided to apply for a job with Precision People.

My Initial Impressions about Recruitment

I had reservations about working in such a professional environment as I didn’t go to university and I know that recruitment is a popular graduate job, but those worries melted away pretty quickly.

 As soon as I started working in   recruitment, I quickly realised that   I’d  love it. I wanted a fast-paced   and fun environment but also one   that was rewarding and challenging   and recruitment is just that. I can be   myself and love to speak with   clients as I am definitely a people-   oriented person.

 I was also surprised by how much   responsibility I was given early on.   Effectively I’m in charge of my own   ‘desk’, which in some ways is   comparable to running my own   business! I’ve learned so much about my specialist area (Fire Engineers) and my geography skills have improved so much since starting here! 

I’m highly money motivated and I love that in recruitment money is a reflection of work. In other office jobs, you have to work extra hours and aren’t necessarily rewarded for it. In recruitment the more you put in the more you get out, both in terms of money and results as the two are directly linked.

Something that is just as rewarding as the commission, if not more, is the feeling you get when you place someone. Getting someone a job makes all your hard work worth it. The feeling is something that I can only compare winning a cup in football, not even just a regular game! I made my first placement a couple of weeks ago and had a massive adrenaline rush afterwards.

My Initial Impressions about Precision People 

I chose Precision for a few reasons but the main one is the academy. A lot of companies offer just 4 weeks of training and I didn’t feel like this was enough for me to learn my trade, especially given a background in sports and retail. Precision’s academy is 6 months long and the support they have given me throughout has been just what I needed. I’m now nearly 4 months in and I feel like I’ll be ready to take the next step soon.

Another great feature of working at Precision is their values. They live and operate by five values: passion, listen, encourage, integrity and support. These are all so important in day to day life at Precision, something that really makes them stand out from other recruitment companies just focussed on getting as much money as possible.

Horror stories do exist in recruitment, but I haven’t heard about any of these about Precision. People love working here. I think that a lot of the horror stories are from people that aren’t really a good fit for that job or company, it’s important to consider this when applying to any job.

Something else that we do at Precision that other companies don’t do is specialise. Other companies tend to take on any job and ask a consultant that doesn’t know that industry to try and fill it, often resulting in pretty poor quality candidates. Although it might seem like a small thing from the outside looking in, it means that you can build much better quality relationships with candidates and companies.

Advice to Applicants 

As I said before, it’s important to consider if you are the right person to work in recruitment. It is a demanding job and very fast paced so it isn’t for everyone. It doesn’t tend to be a normal 9-5, but working those extra hours really makes it worth it. The highs are absolutely exhilarating!

If you’re upbeat and people-oriented then you should definitely think about a career in recruitment. Although it can be tough, finding someone their perfect job is a great thing to do day-to-day and something very meaningful. I’d also recommend looking around at some other recruitment companies as you’ll see how different Precision is and how accommodating we are as a company. Of course, you need to be resilient as not every day is a high. Ultimately the tough days make the good days even better!" 

If you’re considering a career in recruitment and have any questions about my experiences, feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn.

If you would like to know more about the Precision Academy click here or if you fancy a conversation to see if the Precision Academy might be the right move for you, call Natasha for an initial chat on 0116 254 5411, email or connect with Natasha on LinkedIn here or you can apply by clicking here.


News stories

  • March 19, 2019

    Harry Pemberton - 8 months on - My first impressions of training in the Academy at Precision People.   

    Harry Pemberton has been working as a Search Associate at Precision People for the last 8 months. He joined Precision’s bespoke 6-month recruitment training Academy after graduating from university with a degree in Sports Science.

    Harry is a lover of all things sport and a passionate Leeds United fan. His sporting background is diverse, ranging from athletics to swimming and badminton to football. His years of playing have helped a competitive edge and killer instinct, something which is helping him thrive in his career in recruitment.

    Why I chose Recruitment 

    "After graduating university, I wasn’t that sure of what I wanted to do, I initially applied for jobs related to my degree in sports science, fearing that an office environment wasn’t my thing. Although I still feel like I wouldn’t enjoy working in a normal office, Precision is right up my street.

    As well as being competitive by nature I’m also very people oriented. These two attributes are vital to be successful in the recruitment industry as you spend a lot of time on the phone cultivating relationships with clients."

    Choosing the Academy 

    "After deciding to work in recruitment, I applied to various companies and was in the very fortunate position of having multiple offers on the table. After researching the companies and reflecting on the feeling I had when I met with the companies, Precision was my first choice by far.

    Precision seemed like a much friendlier working environment, everyone seemed welcoming and I got on really well with everyone that I met, and I could be totally myself."

    What I love about my job

    Since accepting the job 8 months ago, I can honestly say that Precision has not disappointed! Around the office, there is a family style atmosphere and everyone is  very supportive. My colleagues are genuinely pleased for me and very congratulatory about my successes, whether big or small.

      My role is in quite a niche area,  I focus on   technical recruitment in the aerospace and   automotive industries across Europe. I spend   a lot of my time on the phone to Germany as      there is a massive industry  there, I love that   my job has an international element.

     The environment

     Although it’s cliche to say, there is definitely a work hard, play hard atmosphere in the office.

    We all make sure to finish on time  every Friday and head out for a drink, as we do on paydays. We also go out for a curry every couple of months.

    We have quite a few socials which are used as incentives like going to Ladies Day at the races, something that really creates a great team atmosphere in the office.

    Although I love the social element of working at Precision, another great thing which we do is a lot of charity events. The next one we have coming up is a charity game of tag rugby which I can’t wait to get involved in!

    My career path

    After joining the Academy 8 months ago I’ve learned so much - probably more than I realise. The normal path in the academy is to spend a few weeks learning the candidate side of things, what typical career paths are in your chosen industry and trying to understand the ins-and-outs of candidates wants and needs. After that, we move onto the sales side looking more into understanding the positions that companies have and what their requirements are. It’s a great way of learning your trade because you get a full 360 degree understanding of the process.  

    Within a year of graduating from the academy, I’d like to be in a position where I have a few very good working relationships with companies in need of recruitment and be their ‘go-to guy’ for jobs in my field. Further, in the future, I’d love to lead a division. I’m very fortunate in being able to grow my career with Precision - the more you put in, the more you get out!

    The challenges 

    Like any job there are challenges and it’s not all plain sailing. There are frustrating times, especially on days where no one seems to pick up the phone or when another recruiter takes your client.

    You need to be very resilient to work in recruitment and willing to put the hours in.

    Why you should apply for a role at Precision

    There isn’t just one type of person who does well in recruitment and if it tempts you even a little bit you should come to an interview to see if we fit your values (as much as you fitting ours).

    There are some characteristics that have served me well in my career and I especially think you should apply if you’re any of the following: competitive in your nature; resilient when handling rejection and if you have any sales experience that would serve you very well in this role.

    At the end of the day you have to be willing to put the work in, recruitment isn’t a normal 9-5 job. Successes aren’t handed to you, but that makes it all the more satisfying when you achieve them. When you work hard the rewards are there and they’re 100% worth it. Whether that be small successes throughout the week or when you get that bonus at the end of the month.

    It’s not going to be easy, but it’s definitely going to be worth it!" 

    If you would like to know more about the Precision Academy click here or if you fancy a conversation to see if the Precision Academy might be the right move for you, call Natasha on 0116 254 5411, email or connect with Natasha on LinkedIn here.

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