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Ladies in recruitment, save the boob shots for Facebook, you're worth way more than that

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June 29, 2018

I'm not a prude, really I'm not. But, after some very recent research I carried out on linkedin viewing recruitment consultant's profiles and their company branding (I'm in marketing – we're re-branding) there was one common theme that I came across over and over again. Young(er) ladies in recruitment who have ditched the professional photo for more, shall we say 'flesh on show' shots? Beach shots with bikini tops on, photos of and let's be honest ALOT of boob / leg/ or both on show.
Now, I think there are few questions that need to be raised by this. Linkedin is a professional business networking site.

Would you turn up to a business meeting in your bikini top? Probably not, bit chilly and you'd feel quite silly.
So is it ok to look like this on your Linkedin profile?

Recruitment is a hard game, I totally understand that. I watch and listen as our team of consultants (both male and female ) work tirelessly contacting candidates to find the right fit for our clients. And I understand that it's sometimes hard convincing potential candidates to connect with you on Linkedin – even if you have THE most amazing job for them.

But surely ladies, you're good enough at your job regardless not to have to resort to boob flashing photos to get people to connect with you? And if the candidates do connect with you, what subliminal messages are you sending out to them? "I'm desperate enough to want to connect with you, I'll use my cleavage to do it?" Think about your personal branding and what messages you're giving out. It says if you're having to resort to boob shots, it's probably not a great job, so people won't connect with you anyway. Recruitment has a bad reputation as it is, and I think these tactics probably only fuel that.

And what about the recruitment companies allowing their consultants to have these type of images? What sort of branding message does that give out? "We're cool with flesh shots of ladies" It's all bit 1970's, Carry On Camping for me. If you look at some of the profiles, you would have thought you're on a dating website, not a business networking site.

Should men in recruitment follow suit with the same approach? Are we to have speedo shots for the chaps soon? Because that would be deemed pretty creepy.

"Here's a picture of me in my speedos – I'd like to add you to my network" – er no ta.

If you want to climb the recruitment ladder and recruit for more senior roles as you gain more experience – do you think these tactics will still work? Do you see really experienced high fee earning women recruiters, relying on their linkedin profiles featuring low cut tops to gain their reputation and their connections.Nope.

What if other fields of work adopted the same approach? Sarah the Senior Systems Analyst or Michelle the Communications Consultant wearing bikini tops. It would look rather out of place.

So come on ladies, button up your tops (a little) and hold your heads up high – save your bikini shots for facebook. You're good at your job and you account for just over half of the recruitment industry. If you can't get people to connect with you, then they probably aren't worth connecting with.

If you'd like to talk to some professional consultants who really know their stuff, call us for a chat today on 0116 254 5411 or email

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News stories

  • September 06, 2018

    Precision People, the specialist recruitment consultants in the sectors of Engineering, Technical, and Sales recruitment and operating for over fourteen years, are going from strength to strength with the recent creation of a bespoke training academy.

    The Precision Academy, consists of a 6-month training course based within a purpose-built room, includes a structured plan of training & activities to give trainees all the necessary skills, knowledge and experience to launch a successful career in the recruitment industry. Supported along the way by a trainer and an additional external trainer who visits once a week.


    Trainee Recruitment Consultant, Vanessa commented:-   


    “Having not previously worked in recruitment, Precision Academy has been seamlessly paving the way for me to transition into a full 360 recruitment role through a well-thought-out, step-by-step approach. In addition to receiving one-to-one training support on a daily basis through on-the-job learning, we also have assigned days that we spend studying industry best practices with a recruitment specialist in an interactive, classroom-style, learning approach. Having been in training for just over two months, I have already made many successful candidate placements, have a growing client base of my own, and am now being supported by management in carving out my niche area of recruitment expertise.”

    Training & Recruitment Manager Natasha commented:-

    “The Academy has been an amazing success so far, and I am incredibly proud of all of our trainees who’ve come a long way since starting, just a few months ago. Their determination and focused attitude have allowed them to make great progress, already making placements and receiving commision. I have personally found the experience rewarding, learning new things every day about how the industry is changing.”

    Trainee, Vanessa concluded:

    “Above all, I admire Precision's values and how we are encouraged to never compromise on integrity or quality in business. I also really enjoy the emphasis placed on mindset and goal-setting in recruitment - it's great to see all the employees pin pictures of their personal goals to the sides of their desks to keep motivation and focus levels high!”

    Managing Director, Phil Walker commented:

    “We have designed the Academy with the help of some of the most experienced recruiters and trainers in the US and UK. We’ve put together a robust, quality driven training system that is akin to how the professional environments of law would grow their talent. The six-month program is theoretical and practical applications of best practice that is way ahead of most of the ‘same old’ ways of doing things used by our competitors. We have centred the hiring process on the person’s ability to learn, understand and achieve the critical parts of being a professional recruiter, not what they have done in a previous job or how experienced they are. The whole company has embraced the new academy team, raising our overall standards and success in all areas of the business.”

    Precision is currently interviewing for the next three people to offer academy places to this year, so if this sound like the right career for you or someone you know, please make contact as soon as possible, the new team of hires will be starting early October.

    If you are interested, this is the perfect opportunity if you are starting your career or are thinking of making a change.  Get in touch by contacting Natasha Bates, Recruitment Manager on 0116 254 5411.

    This press release was recently published in Recruitment International. 

    Click here to find out more about the academy.


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  • June 29, 2018

    Senior Recruitment consultant Natalie Chapman, who specialises in placing Sales & Management talent into the Construction and Building products sector, this week, celebrated 10 years at Precision People.

    To mark the occasion, Natalie was presented with a card signed by all the team, a personalised cake, balloons and a gift, whilst everyone celebrated with a glass of fizz and listened to Recruitment Director Phil give a heartfelt speech of his first memories of Natalie, joining Precision when their were five members of staff and based on Western Boulevard in 2007.


    Precision is now based on the Meridian Business Park with over twenty five staff and growing.

    Natalie commented on her ten year’s service:

    “I am sure all my fellow recruiters in Leicester will agree, reaching ten years at one company is something very rare in our industry, and something to be celebrated.

    I can honestly say that year on year I have grown as a consultant, learning new skills and most importantly, how to recruit using all the tools available and best practice to add value to our candidate and client relationships."

    Recruitment Director, Phil Walker commented:

    “Nat joined Precision when we were just finding our feet as a business and has been on the long and hard journey of Precision becoming a multi million pound turnover business. It's rare for a person to stay so long in an industry known for job hopping but, Nat has always fitted the culture of hard work, putting the right people in the right seats and for the right reasons. The team at Precision look up to Nat as one of the most committed to doing a fantastic job of being a recruiter, as well as being continually highest achieving.”

    Natalie concluded:-

    "As a company, we use proven processes to make sure we ‘get it right’. We listen to our client’s needs before offering them a solution. The same applies with our candidates, we understand their drivers and what they want from their next move. This is one of the many factors why I have worked at Precision for ten years.

    Personally, I feel that Precision People has allowed me to give my two daughters the life I have always hoped for. I would like to say a big thank you to Precision for making me look forward to Mondays every week for the last 10 years!”

    Precision People are currently seeking to hire a Logistics and Supply chain recruitment consultant and a Recruitment Consultant for the Construction & Building Products market to join our amazing team of over twenty five talented people. Please contact Natalie Chapman, Recruitment Co-ordinator on 0116 254 5411 or email

    Click here to learn more about joining our team of amazing talent.

    Notes to Editors:

    Precision People is an established specialist Recruitment business providing recruitment services in three key areas under three sub brands;-

    Precision Search - specialising in management and director level search within the manufacturing and logistics sectors.

    Precision Recruitment, specialising in engineering, technical construction and sales roles across the UK.

    Precision Consultancy - bespoke recruitment training packages for businesses to improve their return on investment before or after hiring talent.

    Founded by Director Phil Walker in 2004, the growing team of twenty five itself on it’s passion and integrity to listen to its clients and deliver tailor made solutions.

    Precision People is based on the Meridian Business Park near the M1 Junction 21 in Leicester and operates nationwide and also in the US. Precision People are Members of Apsco (Association of Professional Staffing Companies) and were finalists in 2009 and 2014 in the Leicester Mercury Business Awards.

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