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Hiring Competitive Engineering Staff

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January 15, 2020

Engineering recruitment can be highly competitive, so businesses need onboarding processes to match. Our recruiters have some tips for ensuring your engineering firm is up to date

Engineering is an extremely competitive discipline and most engineering recruitment candidates are
overwhelmed with applicants for each new role they offer. Selecting the ideal person for the job
might seem straight forward with such a big pool from which to select them, but employers
shouldn’t treat it as an easy task. The talent hired can make or break a project and businesses
looking for continual growth need to know what gives them a competitive edge in landing the best

Don’t Put Too Much Emphasis on Schooling

When undertaking engineering recruitment, many companies scan CV’s and place those with red
brick university education at the top of the pile, and although there is no denying these schools
churn out top talent, there are other great indicators of a good engineer. In fact, some of the most
well-known engineers attended less prestigious institutions, while some have no higher education at
all! In interviews, ensure to ask about experience and problem-solving skills, over degree
classification to hone in on the traits that are important to the role.


Pair Them Up

Engineers have a bit of a bad rap for being elusive lone wolves when in actual fact most projects rely
heavily on teamwork and collaboration between design, structural and civil engineers. Identifying
candidates who work well together is a key part of the engineering recruitment process so business
should try to pair them up to work together on a task. Have one observe and one carry out a task,
with them swapping throughout, to identify candidates who are open to criticism and eager to

Work with a Recruiter

Partnering with an engineering recruitment business like Precision People can save businesses time
and money when hiring staff. With the help of our experts and their up to date knowledge of hiring
trends, we can ensure that we work together to find the ideal candidate for your unique needs. 

If you would like to have a chat about how we can help your engineering business call our knowledgeable engineering team on 0116 254 5411 today, or email email us at - busy? Book a time to call to suit you by clicking here.

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  • June 29, 2018

    ....even if you don't 'get' what Employee Engagement is.

    What actually is Employee Engagement anyway?

    Whether you're an Engineering Director who fully understands the concept of employee engagement or think you simply just don't have time for it whilst running a busy engineering firm, either way, Employee Engagement is a term used increasingly within not only large business but also SME's.

    In a nutshell, it: "is a workplace approach resulting in the right conditions for all members of an organisation to give of their best each day, committed to their organisation's goals and values, motivated to contribute to organisational success, with an enhanced sense of their own well-being."* 

    Here are 13 tips you can implement to increase your staff's happiness. 

    1. Clarifying goals and objectives from the outset with each staff member is imperative. If they understand what their job role is, they will be far happier. A lot of employee dissatisfaction comes from not clearly defining what each person's role is and what duties fall within their role.

    2. Why not hold a weekly meeting promoting the biggest achievements of the week? If this is tricky timewise, send an email to everyone at the end of the week. This will inform the staff of the highs of the week, ready to start work on Monday from a positive angle. 

    3. Social events are a great way for staff to interact and build relationships outside of the shop floor in a more relaxed environment. Whether it's a quick drink after work each month on pay day, to lunches with the Managers when targets are met, right through to big Christmas Parties, off-site events build stronger teams and people in different departments get to interact when they otherwise may not outside of the working environment.

    'Fuel motivation and have an employee of the month'

    4. Have an 'employee of the month' and get everyone to vote for their colleagues. Give the winner a certificate and a prize and announce it in front of the teams. People like to be recognised for a doing a great job in front of their peers whilst fueling motivation.

    5. Extra day's off, duvet days, or afternoon's off. Whatever your business calls them - being able to earn an extra day off is a fantastic incentive which will vastly appeal to some staff. Plus you have the added bonus it doesn't cost your business any cash. Letting staff have their birthday off ( or maybe the day after, if they like to celebrate) is a thoughtful gesture.

    'Encourage an open door policy - or maybe an anonymous suggestion box'

    6. Create an environment where you encourage people to speak up and know that they will not be judged or criticised. By having an open door policy staff are more likely to speak their mind and who knows, some fantastic ideas may come from them.

    7. Encourage health, fitness and good eating habits in the workplace. This can be small gestures from providing fresh fruit for staff to have access to throughout the day, fresh filtered water, to gym memberships. If you can't stretch to whole gym memberships perhaps talk to a local gym and agree on a group discount?

    8. Being mindful of staff and their stress levels are also increasingly important. Organise a meditation group or bring in massage therapists for the afternoon, are all gestures that could reduce your staff's anxiety and keep stress levels to a minimum.

    9. Celebrate work anniversaries - 'Jim, you've been here how long? Congratulations here's a bottle of bubbly." Also looks great posted on your social media pages too.

    'Support a local charity'

    10. Nominate a local charity and come up with ideas of how you can support them by raising funds. Perhaps choose a local charity that you can build a relationship with. A local homeless charity, food bank or hospice. Ask staff to vote for a charity they feel they would like to support.

    11. Arrange for an ice-cream van to turn up at your premises - who doesn't love ice-cream?

    12.Holding an awards night is a fantastic way to recognise staff for their efforts throughout the year. You can be creative with the categories as you like and even get your staff to vote for each other. You can hold it at your place of work or go all out and hire somewhere and turn it into a real party!

    13. Simply saying 'Thank you' sounds obvious but goes along way. Saying thank you for a job well done should never be underestimated.

    Keeping your employees engaged is key to a content and productive workforce where ideas thrive and staff are genuinely happy in their work environment.

    If you would like more information on Employee Engagement contact Precision Consultancy on 0116 254 5411 or email 

     * Source: Engage for Success

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