Want to be an engineer? Which path should you choose?

For those with ambitions of becoming an engineer, there are several different paths that ultimately lead to successful careers. At just 16, would-be engineers are faced with the choice as to whether to pursue higher education and obtain formal qualifications in their chosen discipline, or whether to begin an apprenticeship, learning on the job and the real technical skills. As providers of engineering recruitment, Precision People have put together a guide to choosing the right path.

Higher Education

This is the path into successful engineering recruitment that is most well-travelled, with over 100,000 UK students enrolling in engineering courses every year. After completing the relevant A-levels, students focus on the general concepts of engineering for a year or two, before specialising in a subject or area of the profession. Most universities offer an engineering course with the most respected of Cambridge, Oxford, Bristol and Imperial College London requiring at least two A* grades as an entry requirement, typically in maths, Science or IT. However, with T-levels set to be introduced in 2022 which focus on technical education, including engineering, this is a path to consider too.

Apprenticeships Path

For school leavers or those who don’t want to pursue university life, there are more practical options to gaining successful qualifications which will aid searches in engineering recruitment. Apprenticeships offer the chance for candidates to earn money and gain valuable work experience, with only GCSE’s required to get started. Some apprenticeship providers will require A levels to be completed and will also look at a candidate proficiency in technical and people skills. There are also higher-level apprenticeships for those who are university graduates looking to gain higher-level expertise in their chosen engineering discipline.

As specialists in engineering recruitment, we see candidates from both of these paths forge successful careers as engineers. Which path you chose is ultimately down to personal preference, but both promise a brighter future for the hopefuls that take them.

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18th June

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