Engineering Talent Triumph: 10 Stellar Hires in Under 11 Months for Leading Structural Lighting Innovator

At Precision People, our passion lies in transforming recruitment challenges into remarkable success stories. We're thrilled to showcase our recent triumph – collaborating with Roch NDT Services, a prominent structural testing company in the lighting and rail sectors.

This partnership not only resulted in a remarkable feat of hiring 10 skilled engineers but also perfectly aligned with their relocation plans to the Midlands. 

A Vision of Transformation:

Founded in 1997, Roch NDT Services is an industry leader in independent non-destructive testing (NDT) for structural stability analysis of lighting columns across the UK. Eager to amplify their influence and expand their horizons, Roch NDT embarked on a journey of relocation to the Midlands. In this pivotal moment, they sought a partner who could bring precision, strategy, and finesse to their recruitment efforts – that's where Precision People entered the scene.

Surmounting Recruitment Hurdles:

Before engaging with Precision People, Roch NDT relied primarily on platforms like Indeed and employee referrals for recruitment. However, they encountered a common hurdle – the influx of applications that lacked the precise skills and intentions required for their specialised roles. This inundation not only consumed valuable time but also underscored the need for a more strategic and efficient approach.  As the relocation loomed on the horizon, Roch NDT recognised the need for a partner who could expertly navigate the recruitment terrain and secure talent that aligned with their ethos and aspirations.

Managing Director Jon Hall’s Own Words:

"From our first meeting to the final hire, the Precision People experience was the epitome of professionalism. Emma, in particular, proved an effortless communicator, orchestrating appointments with aplomb. Their streamlined process not only resonated with us but also culminated in the placement of 10  exceptional engineers."

The Precision People Impact:

Jon's accolades encapsulate the transformation – a rejuvenated Roch NDT Services, thriving in a new Midlands hub, with a fresh brigade of engineers. Precision's magic lay in their unwavering commitment to promises. Emma's dexterity delivered on sourcing candidates, fulfilling roles, and crafting an experience second to none.

A Heartfelt Recommendation:

“For anyone on the brink of growing their engineering business or thinking about relocation, Precision People is the compass to navigate talent acquisition. Emma surpassed expectations, staying true to her word. Their defining strength? The frictionless processes that put us on the fast track to recruitment excellence."

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27th September

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