7 Christmas Party Tips - How to shine at the office party.

Tis the season of the office Christmas party, the time of dodgy dancing, too much booze and flirting with people you probably shouldn’t.  Many people dread socialising with coworkers or are unsure how to dress, chat and drink at these events. Here are 7 great tips to make the Christmas do far less daunting this year.

 Go easy on the G&T’s
 Although this applies to everyone, it is especially   important if you are a new member of the team.  Be   aware that by drinking too much you may make a bit of   name for yourself or get involved in office gossip by   kissing a coworker, which can quickly get back to your   manager so be careful.  This being said, don’t let this   hold you back too much, try to have some fun and relax.

Also, be aware that even if your boss is a bit too tipsy, it doesn’t mean you should do the same.

It is very easy at these sort of events to mainly talk to people you work with every day or cling to a favourite colleague.  Try to avoid this, you have a great opportunity to expand your network and friend group by getting to know new people from different departments.  It is also a great chance to speak to people higher up in the company. Have a good chat with your boss or the CEO to build some strong links with them and get your name known.  This will put you in a better position when there’s a promotion available.

Keep work chat to a minimum
It’s fine to talk about work a bit but try not to drone on about it.  Remember you’re at a party and it’s supposed to be fun. Stay away from office gossip and heavy topics that may cause disagreements such as religion or politics, good light topics are holidays, kids, sport or pets.  Keep the conversation balanced between talking and listening and you can use open-ended questions.

Don’t moan
It is equally important not to moan about work.  Remember, pretty much everyone you work with and for will be in one room and you don’t know who might hear a bit of your conversation.  It is also important to look positive if you start moaning to someone it may make it’s way back to your manager, possibly quicker than it may usually.
"I saw a coworker complain about a recent assignment, then say, 'Don't tell MIke I was complaining.'  She was talking to her boss, Mike. 

Choose your company wisely
 If you are asked to bring a plus-one, you need   to make sure they will reflect well on you.     Avoid bringing someone you barely know, or someone who tends to drink too much, take advantage of the free bar or hog the food.  It is important they act respectfully and are aware that this is your place of work. You want to avoid having a domestic in front of the HR department at all costs!  If you don’t know anyone appropriate don’t bring someone just for the sake of it

“A partner said to a boss 'you shouldn't have them working so much overtime', to which the boss responded 'I don't'.”

Do attend and don’t leave early
Attending your work Christmas party might not be your idea of a great Friday night, but it’s very important that you show your face.  It shows that you are happy in your job and willing to go the extra mile to create great relationships with your co-workers and be an active member of the company.  

Although you might not be having the best time and are craving an early night, try to make the most of the opportunity and don’t leave early.  It looks rude and as if you have better things to do. Instead, try to arrive within the first half-hour and spend no less than 45 minutes chatting to people, everyone will remember the guy who turned up an hour late and stayed for 10 minutes.

Dress appropriately
Remember you are in the office!  Now is not the time for that tight-fitting, low-cut dress, or that shiny, rather ‘out-there’ suit.  Pay attention to what is stated on the event invitation, and if not, adhere to the company dress code.  Remember that you will be surrounded by your coworkers and your boss, not family and friends so consider your outfit carefully.

Hopefully, these tips will help you to make the most of your office Christmas night out!

Good luck and Merry Christmas!

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