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  • February 07, 2023

    Working for a specialist recruitment consultancy as apposed to a large corporate or high street agency can be a very different career experience, not suited to all. It's important to decide whether you think you would flourish more at a larger corporation or whether a smaller and more niche firm is where you might climb the career ladder quicker. The culture can be very different and there advanatges and disadvantages to both.  Here are few things to condsider:-  Expertise: Working at a specialist recruitment consultancy allows you to gain deep expertise in a specific industry or job function, which can be a valuable asset in your career. IN a smaller company you may be the only consultant who specialises in that niche - meaning your earning potential is a alot higher    Networking: Recruitment consultancies typically have extensive networks in the industries they serve, providing you with opportunities to make valuable connections and build relationships.   Career development: Many specialist recruitment consultancies offer training and development programs, as well as opportunities for career progression within the company. Larger firms will have set training programmes whila smaller niche firm may tailor the training needs to the individual. In a smaller company you may be trained by some of the more senior recruiters, Managers or even Directors - giving you access to the wealth of knowledge.    Commission-based earnings: Many recruitment consultancies operate on a commission-based model, meaning that the more successful you are at placing candidates, the more money you can earn.   Opportunity to work with a variety of clients: Working at a specialist recruitment consultancy gives you the opportunity to work with a variety of clients and gain exposure to different industries and job functions.   Fast-paced environment: Recruitment is a fast-paced industry that requires quick thinking and a strong work ethic. Working in this environment can be challenging, but also highly rewarding.   Collaborative atmosphere: Recruitment consultancies often have a team-based culture, which can be a great opportunity to collaborate with others and build strong working relationships. In conclusion, working at a specialist recruitment consultancy offers a range of benefits, including the opportunity to gain expertise, network, and earn commission-based pay.  

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  • February 01, 2023

    Thinking of a career in recruitment?  Recruitment agencies are a valuable resource for businesses that are looking to fill crucial roles with skilled and experienced professionals. Although a promising career choice, you may often hear conflicting opinions about working in a recruitment agency.  Is it all about meeting targets and endless pressure to perform? Or is it a challenging yet highly rewarding experience to match companies with suitable candidates? In reality, it is a bit of both.  A career in recruitment entails plenty of challenges but also offers you a stable, secure, fulfilling, and financially rewarding job with a good scope of progression. But that’s not all. There are many other benefits of working in a recruitment agency. Let’s have a look at some of them below. Professional Development & Progression What can be better than constant on-the-job training and performance-based progression for any professional? As a recruitment consultant, you will get many opportunities to learn and train on the job as a fresher and experienced consultant. It is because no two days are the same in a recruitment agency. There is always scope for learning and improving skills such as problem-solving, communication, negotiation, project management, and more.  And the best part? Recruitment agencies offer excellent opportunities for progression as a reward for good performance. This means you will be climbing the ladder of success in no time if you consistently perform well.   Great Earning Potential Along with a good salary, a majority of recruitment agencies also offer commissions and bonuses regularly. You will always be incentivised to perform better every day to keep earning better.  Unmatched Job Satisfaction Although it can be challenging, working in recruitment is also highly rewarding as you can match the right candidate with the right company. Job satisfaction comes easily and strongly as you can help candidates get their dream jobs and companies their ideal employees. Better Security Recruitment is one of the most stable and secure industries that hardly gets touched in any economic downturn. By choosing to work for a recruitment agency, you can ensure that you remain employed for a long time. Businesses will always need candidates, and candidates will always need jobs. As a recruitment consultant, you will always have options to choose from one or more opportunities and enjoy job security, unlike any other sector. Whether you’re a fresher looking for a promising career choice or an experienced recruitment professional looking for a place to hone your skills, working in a friendly, reputed recruitment agency may help strengthen your foundation in the recruitment industry. If you think you have what it takes to help companies find the best candidates for their roles, we would love to hear from you! Precision People is a specialist search, recruitment and consultancy services organisation that provides various recruitment and people solutions to a broad spectrum of industry sectors. We have been based in the Midlands since 2004 and have clients all over the UK and Europe.  Call us on 0116 254 5411 and find out if you could be the next perfect addition to our family.

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