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November 15, 2018

"Hi, I’m Reena; full time Mummy to two gorgeous little boys and a successful recruitment/HR professional.  Prior to starting my new career with the Precision People as an Executive Resourcer, my life was all about changing nappies, cooking tasty baby meals and lots of giggles. Watching my little boys grow and being able to see all there firsts meant the world, going back to work seemed such a distant memory. I was on maternity leave for almost 14 months and the time spent at home was amazing but I soon started to miss the recruitment world. How can I spend the most amazing time with my baby boys, still see all their firsts and be as successful as I was before? I think this is a question most mummies ponder over time and time again.

I contacted lots of agencies and explained my background but I got the feeling I had to give up being a mummy and go back to work full time. A few weeks passed and I eventually went back to work with my old employer. The travelling started to have an impact financially and the hours meant I wasn’t able to do my previous role. I needed a role which gave me the flexibility, work life balance and success I had before.

Whilst updating my facebook status at the weekend (as you do!) I found an advert for the Precision People,  it said that they were looking for people to join their team. I contacted them the next day and told them my story and here I am!

Part time Consultant and Full time Mummy! The two best jobs a mum could ask for.  Having the best of both worlds means I’m now able to earn the same as when I was full time but also support my young family. I’m so pleased to work for an employer that truly understands how to utilise your key strengths and skills whilst having that ‘Mummy Work Life Balance." 

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