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5 fatal mistakes when hiring temporary contractors.

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June 29, 2018

Like most things, there is a right way and a wrong way to go about things. But, how do you find the RIGHT temporary contractors? In this article, the top 5 fatal business mistakes engineering professionals are continually making are revealed.

Mistake One
Choosing the agency that keeps calling you, thinking that they'll be able to offer you the right temporary engineering staff for your business. Just because they keep calling does not mean they are the right choice for you.

How You Can Avoid This
Identify a specialist consultancy that has expert knowledge in your specific engineering sector. You need to be able to speak to knowledgeable consultants who understand exactly what you require. This will save you valuable time because once they have taken a detailed job specification from you; they will be able to deliver you the right candidate first time.


Mistake Two

Hiring temporary staff that turn out not to have the correct skills for the job. How annoying and what a waste of your time. You've tried to train them and it's clear that they just haven't got the right training on your machines for the type of work needed.

You can avoid this
Use a straightforward four or five MUST HAVE tick list for the work you need doing. An external recruiter should ask you this at a minimum and should LISTEN and UNDERSTAND what you are saying and know why it is important.

Mistake Three
Hiring temporary staff that hasn't been pre-referenced before you trust them to do the job. Oh dear, more of your time wasted. The temporary staff you've been supplied with will turn out to be totally unsuitable.
Always get references on the people that you take on, even if it is for a short time period. By checking out temporary worker's backgrounds with previous production managers, and how well they have worked with other engineers and contractors in the past, any issues likely to happen can be avoided

Mistake Four
Not hiring locally sourced people. Hiring temporary engineering staff that live a long distance away is a short-term fix that is likely to cause you issues. If problems arise, the further away contractors live, the more likely they are not to complete the assignment.

How to Avoid This
Always try to use local temporary staff where possible. By using a specialist engineering recruiter that has access to a large database of engineering talent across the country, will ensure that you get the best there is at the time in your local area.


Mistake Five
Hiring temporary staff that don't turn up on time and don't communicate if they're running late or need time off. Great, you need the work sent out to your client and they aren't in.

How to Avoid This
By using a consultancy that consistently and constantly liaises with its temporary workers, minimises the confusion, and reduces the chances of temporary engineering staff not turning up for work.
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